Brandon Acorn


“Georgia?” My mom’s voice came in tinny and thin over the slow wi-fi. “Where’s Georgia?” “Northeast of Turkey, north of Armenia,” I said. But I knew that probably wouldn’t help. “Where’s Armenia?” she asked, laughing. Our conversation continued for a while like that. I was

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Interview with the Vampire

By Ryan Keating-Lambert It’s been a while, almost a year I think. A while since I’ve made a post like this. Something that is finally NOT news, festival or review related. It was getting a bit much recently and I definitely needed a break from

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V for Vendetta

By Ryan Keating-Lambert OK, dear readers. I’m on my balcony drinking wine again, so naturally it’s time for more of that personal word vomit. So, this feels like an age ago now. Before I was influenced by Aronofsky, Polanski, Tarkovsky and other directors whose surnames

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